Cars Manufacturers in Formula E

Formula E is seen as the electric version of the Formula 1 racing championships. The event is one of the fastest-growing newly established racing sectors in Motorsport, with a large following worldwide. Top car manufacturers showcase their own green motoring innovations to the world, with commercial models of electric vehicles also being advertised as greener options in today’s world.

This article looks at the top car manufacturers participating with racing teams and sponsorships in Formula E and what they have done with greener innovations for motorsports and other motoring innovations for greener driving.


BMW stands as one of the official partners of Formula E. With their views on mobility and sustainable development, the company has a total dedication to the greener means of manufacturing and driving.

Within Formula E, many electric BMW cars work as safety cars, medical-service cars, and limousines for the directors. The BMW electric cars used in Formula E include the i3, i8, and X5 iPerformance.


The Jaguar/Panasonic racing team joined the formula E at the beginning of the championships. The brand has long been interested in going green and has already released its fully electric SUV, the I-PACE. The car is a high-performance SUV with 11kw power in the latest version of the SUV.


The Renault e.dams racing team is one of the top-performing racing teams in the Formula E Championships. The brand doesn’t only keep to themselves; they also produce engines for the Cheetah team, which also races in Formula E. The brand is also well known for its greener cars, such as the ZOE and the Kangoo Z.E, which are both fully electric vehicles. One of the best performing teams in Formula E and in the production of electric vehicles.


The Audi Formula E team stands known as the ABT Schaeffer Audi Sport team. Besides their electric Formula E vehicle, they have also released numerous electric cars such as the e-tron, e-tron s, and e-tron Sportback, which are fully electric vehicles offering everything you would expect from the brand.

With all these brands showcasing green initiatives towards the motoring industry and motorsports, it’s good to know that electric cars are becoming more popular when it’s needed.