With Motorsport being one of America’s most-watched and attended types of sport, we are highly focused on providing information on all aspects of racing. Although we provide information on news and events in motorsports, we also focus on the promotion and marketing side of the sport as a business.

With such an essential and exciting sport, it’s necessary to understand the business aspects and be able to look at the role that sponsorships and other marketing tactics have in motorsports.

Motorsports News

To learn more about motorsports and stay up to date on all the latest news around the sport, visit CT Promotions frequently for updated and knowledgeable articles. We provide our readers with information that is reliable and trustworthy. Find out about the latest happenings in the sport with details on the various types of motorsports, the drivers, cars, and more.

Events and Activities

Motorsports events are among America’s most widely attended sports, with thousands of fans showing up to weekly and monthly racing events. Looking specifically at Nascar being part of motorsports, the sport draws thousands of fans to the stadiums and tracks each week and has become part of many Americans’ lives.

Marketing and Promoting Motorsports

Marketing and sponsorships have always played a significant role in motorsports and showcase the sport’s ability to draw large audiences and become a favorite sport to many people who aren’t even that closely associated with the sport. We provide information on all the sponsorships and how marketing is used.

We are dedicated to keeping all motorsport fans up to date on the latest news in events, races, championships, and how the business side of motorsports is thriving in America. Visit CT Promotions magazine frequently and read interesting articles on Motorsport.